Artisan Tours

Artisan Tours

Get to know local artisans that have mastered a particular skill for the creation of genuine masterpieces. Watch them skilfully manufacture, whilst learning more about the origin of each particular product. We have artisans that are veterans in the following hand-made creations.

Glass blowing, pottery, lace making, weaving, filigree jewellery, traditional tile making, traditional instrument maker, traditional boat builder, cane making, Maltese clock maker, painter, sculptor, conservator-restorer, leather making, stone art making, sheet metal art, crib making and crib figurines, model churches and more. If you have other artisans in mind which are not in the following list, contact us and we will do our best to fulfil your interests and curiosities.

These tours are offered both in Malta and in Gozo. They can be combined with other places of interest and attractions or else you can opt for a tour dedicated solely to meeting personally the artisans while watching them working on pieces of fine craftsmanship. Opt for a half-day tour or a full-day tour according to your schedule.

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