Our Mission

At Distinct Malta we have one simple mission – to deliver to you the best that Malta can offer. We specialize in organizing tours that are different from the mainstream. You can choose from our standard tours, or else we can custom-make a tour that fits perfectly to your schedule and interests.

Our flexibility allows us to tailor-make excursions that will offer you the best and most interesting experience. Our team will be more than glad to assist you in identifying or creating the perfect tour for you. We offer a wide variety of solutions, from large and small group tours, family, couples, and individual tours, with all the levels of comfort and luxury that you expect.

Tailor-Made Tours

We custom-make tours that perfectly fit to your schedule and interests.

Large and Small Group Tours

We offer a wide variety of solutions from large and small groups, family, couples, and individual tours.

All Levels of Comfort and Luxury

We provide you with a full range of services, which will fulfil your expectations.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Please be as detailed as possible with your request. We will reply within the same business day.