Foodie Tours

Foodie Tours

Let us guide you through these one of a kind experiences where you will be part of the authenticity of a family-run operation. Savour genuine produce and be surrounded by nature in the beautiful landscape of the Maltese islands.

These tours are offered both in Malta and Gozo. Opt for a half-day tour and full-day tour according to your schedule. You can choose from any or a combination of the experiences listed below:

  • Vineyard tour including wine tasting
  • Olive grove tour including olive oil tasting
  • Beekeeping tour including honey tasting
  • Fruit picking according to season
  • Local food tasting
  • Goat and sheep cheeselet making process including tasting session
  • Salt harvesting
  • Traditional bakery including tasting session
  • Pastizzi making process (traditional Maltese snack) including tasting session

Experience first-hand the art of cooking Maltese traditional dishes.

There is nothing more satisfying than cooking a meal with produce that you have selected and picked yourself. We will take you to family-run fields where local produce is organically grown and ready to be harvested by yourself. Pick up the fruits and vegetables you want whilst having seasoned farmers explaining to you farming methods and tips on how to select the best and adequately ripe product. We will then take you to a fully equipped professional kitchen where seasoned chefs will teach you and assist you in cooking a full traditional meal with the produce you have just harvested. All that remains is for you to enjoy the meal you have cooked in the family-run restaurant.

Choose from any of these Hands-on Cooking classes:

  • Farm to table cooking class – Create a whole menu from appetizer to
    dessert with the seasonal home-grown produce that you have harvested.
  • Rural Cookery – Discover the secrets of the local peasant country
    cooking while cooking yourself a wholesome meal from appetizer to
  • Ravioli making – Learn the art of making fresh hand-made ravioli from
    scratch and savour them once cooked.
  • Ftira Pizza making – Learn the art of making a traditional Maltese
    potato ftira from scratch, baked in a wood burning oven and enjoy eating
    your own recipe.

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